The Otoe-Missouria Consumer Finance Regulatory Commission is here to protect consumers and accepts consumer complaints regarding any consumer financial services business operating within the Commission’s jurisdiction.

The Consumer Complaint Process

  • A consumer begins the process by completing a consumer complaint form.
  • Once your complaint form is completed and submitted, the Commission will email the consumer confirming the complaint has been received and possibly to obtain more information.
  • The Commission will forward the consumer’s complaint to the appropriate licensee and allow them to work directly with the consumer to find a resolution to the concerns.
  • If, after an initial effort to resolve the matter directly is unsuccessful, the Commission may contact the licensee on the consumer’s behalf or the consumer may elevate the matter for a Commission review of the complaint and the proposed resolution, in which case an investigation and hearing may be required.

Please understand,

  • While working to resolve consumer complaints, the Commission will not act as a lawyer and cannot give you legal advice. Instead, it will first attempt to mediate a resolution between the consumer and the licensee, but may also serve as an administrative panel to ensure the law is being followed and enforce the law on your behalf if necessary.
  • The Commission strives to ensure consumers find a satisfactory resolution within 45 days.  If the Commission investigates a consumer’s complaint, it may request additional information from the consumer. A consumer is not obligated to provide additional information, however, doing so will likely facilitate a quicker and mutually beneficial resolution.
  • As a general rule, the Commission will email consumers unless the consumer provides an easier method for communications. The Commission will not attempt to contact any consumer at work without a written authorization.

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